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printandmedia-distribution-largeWarehousing. Inventory Management. Fulfilment. Local & International Freight. Mailing. Warehousing and Management.

PMS’ onsite storage means that you can order those regular products in bulk to maximise economies and have them ready for despatch anywhere, at any time in a matter of days or even hours.
PMS run inventory management programmes for companies with a national spread of retail or office locations. This allows clients to gain economy through volume purchasing but deliver in on-demand quantities and maintain accurate brand identity.

Across the country.

PMS have extensive experience of distributing print and branded products all over Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the region. Our consolidated spend with a variety of carriers means that we can offer great rates to get your goods to where they need to be, when they need to be there.

We are not aligned to any one distribution network so we can apply the most suitable system whether our focus is on speed of delivery or economy. Our import & export agents for both air and seafreight have enjoyed a working partnership with PMS for many years and add terrific value to our considerable experience in this important area of the business.

In the mail, direct to your customer

PMS manage monthly statement print and mailing for one of Australia’s largest security firms. Timely and accurate distribution of this information is critical to their business. It is why they contract PMS to manage this process.
An ability to target your customer in the most direct means possible is where PMS can really make a difference to your marketing mail. Using our Image Personalisation technology we can tailor your message directly to your customer in a way that makes them really sit up and take notice. Response rates far in excess of traditional mass mail offer impressive ROI for clients that use PMS to manage their direct mail.

PMS have the unique ability to create digitally personalised packaging as a clever way of carrying a promotional message with a generically branded product such as a coffee mug, pen or clothing item. A corporate gift is always appreciatively received. Imagine how much more effectively your promotional dollar is working for you if the gift is sent with your customers name, company details and tailored promotional message on a retail style giftbox or header card. The combination of PMS’ inhouse design, digital print, product branding, fulfillment and distribution make this a straightforward, unique and extremely effective way of getting your brand and promotional message noticed by your customers.

See how it's done.

ABB models.

dist abb

Power technology giant ABB used PMS to create scale models of some of their seriously big kit to send around the world as a demo tool.

When our skilled design and modelling team had created the intricately detailed units they had to travel safely to locations as far and wide as Brazil, Russia, India and Sweden. They had to be a size and weight that would airfreight economically. They had to be able to be moved easily at their point of destination by a single traveling technician.

PMS created a robust but lightweight roadcase with pull-up handle, locking castors and security locks. The delicate model dropped in to a custom built housing which provided a secure and stable environment for transit. They successfully arrived in one piece, ready for action. 
PMS don’t just courier boxes across town. If you have a tricky logistics challenge talk to us. We have the solution.

Conference Collateral

dist print

Imagine a national franchise group’s annual conference. 
Hundreds of store owners and their staff converging on a Queensland resort for four days of team building activities, training, celebrations, awards and fun.

The event team had everything organised with military precision and had engaged PMS to produce the myriad flags, banners, session notes, event clothing, delegate gifts, table decorations, team building collateral, directory signage, awards, room drops, agendas etc etc etc. Even a daily event-specific newspaper!

Imagine the ease with which they were able to coordinate their onsite management task when everything arrived from PMS on time with every carton not only labeled with its contents but also what day it was required for. Then each pallet packed in an order so that the goods could be accessed easily and in their chronological order.

Organising a conference or corporate event can be an overwhelming job. Partnering with PMS can take a whole lot of stress out of a very large chunk of the workload. We have a long and successful track record of working on these kind of projects.  

Westcon Hubs

dist westcon

Westcon, an IT distribution company wanted PMS to produce a nifty little desk gadget to act as a brand reminder and also to promote a sales incentive program to their resellers.

A multi-port USB hub was IT specific and a useful tool but it had limited branding space so was good for carrying a logo or two but that was about it. 
PMS produced a retail style outer carton for the product which not only provided Westcon with the means to sell the incentive program but PMS’ digital personalisation added another dimension altogether. Each carton was customer specific carrying not only their name and company name but the individual scope of the incentive scheme relative to their customer status.

Then it was packed in a tailored shipping carton and mailed.

Next time you produce a branded product and find that it is only doing half the job talk to PMS and maximise the value of your marketing spend.

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